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Electronic Locking Systems

Budget Digi-4 Locks

Our most affordable and basic electronic lock option, the Excel Lockers exclusive Digi-4 system allows for public or permanent use of the lockers. A four digit, user defined code allows access, with a master key for ease of access should a code be forgotten. Uses 2 x AAA batteries with a conservative 12 month battery lifespan.


Ojmar OCS Locks

Direct from Spain, this premium touchpad electronic lock has all the bells and whistles. Able to be programmed for single or multiple user modes, with time features to allow for automatic unlocking of the lock. Using 4 x AA batteries, an average battery lifespan of 2+ years is expected.


Ojmar OTS Locks

Suitable for use with RFID / swipe access card, these offer even greater convenience for building with an integrated swipe card system. Staff no longer need to remember a four digit code or where they’ve kept their locker key. With the option of time features such as auto unlock, these are a great option for the modern office.

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